The range of surveys allows you to easily measure and monitor the essential ‘vital signs’ that reflect the state of your workforce.

You are able to explore and better understand how things stand across all components of Employee Satisfaction : Happiness At Work, Growth And Career, Recognition And Feedback and Culture And Resources. Moreover you will obtain insights into how you can improve.

There are also surveys available to measure and track Recommendation (ENPS – Employee Net Promoter Score) and Retention – acknowledged key indicators for companies and organizations of all kinds.

The surveys are short and engaging and can be run often on a rotating basis, to make providing feedback an enjoyable experience for your employees rather than a chore, and this ensures they become keen to participate regularly!













Product Info

– Create a crucial honest and open communication channel with your employees. Establish the strongest possible foundation for building ‘employee engagement’. Easily find out what is important for you to know at any time.

– Show your employees you want to know what they think. Help them feel they have a ‘voice’ by asking for their opinions about a range of things and by asking them often!

– Engage and inspire your employees with short thought-provoking surveys, that have been carefully designed to deliver insightful and actionable information for your organisation.



Cancellation Policy


Activity Duration

1-3 days, 3+ days

Tech Requirements

iOS / Android Device


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