Harness the power of food to build community and connection as you simultaneously engage your employees. Give them the opportunity to share in a variety of ways, to boost their positive experience with their workmates & generate some highly evocative positive emotions across your workforce.

Here are 6 food-related ‘challenges’ for you to use to invite your employees to post in your Feed in ways that can educate, inspire, raise smiles and be a source of pride. Give them the opportunity to earn coins through participation, & also learn from and about each other along the way!



Food is an important part of everyday life for all of us wherever we are located and content that is in any way ‘food-related’ is always very popular with employees!

Bonding over and through the sharing of food has been a source of positive emotion and enjoyment between people since time began, and your Feed is the ideal environment in which to promote this kind of activity. Through challenges ranging from hot breakfasts to best sandwiches and invitations to reveal their traditional foods and go-to comfort foods, your employees get to share a different part of themselves with their workmates, and at the same time your Feed becomes full of delicious photos and recipes!

The Challenges included in this Challenge Pack have been designed for your employees to enjoy :

– sharing their baking skills; a challenge inspired by the popular TV baking shows – you can create your company’s very own ‘Bake Off’ contest

– inspiring their colleagues with their favorite sandwich inventions in the show us Your Best Sandwich challenge

– spreading warm and nourishing happy feelings through sharing their Go-To Comfort Food

– getting creative to get a health boost through consuming more veggies with the Eat Your Veggies challenge

– highlighting diversity and learning more about each other through sharing their Traditional Dishes

– encouraging each other to warm-up on Winter mornings through the Share Your Hot Breakfast challenge

Food-themed challenges of this kind attract high participation & engage in a way that can powerfully build connection and a sense of community across your workforce. Employees will feel a sense of pride from the food items they are sharing and also from the ‘likes’ and comments their workmates will post. You can reward their participation through coins and you also have the opportunity to make and announce additional ‘awards’ for ‘most liked’ items.

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Activity Duration

1-3 days, 3+ days

Tech Requirements

iOS / Android Device


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