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Tommy is an entrepreneur and specializes in marketing and technology. He is the leader of the “Super tools community”, designed to bring together people who want to gain superpowers in the tech world we live in.  He is a former marketing manager, and cofounder in the car cybersecurity company, Argus, that was recently sold for $450 Million.

Today there are many tools that are designed to connect to our system, our everyday life and our work methods, to transform and reach the best version of ourselves. Imagine what could happen if we adopt an approach where each person is actually a “system” that can be perfected and reach superpowers using simple tools, software and tricks that will lead us to achieve our goals faster, while leaving us time to be with the family and to devote time both to our body and to the hobbies we like!

Tommy will offer your employees a list of bad habits that we should all say goodbye to, and guide in how to adopt a few new and constructive ones.

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